How to cook an excellent beer with chicken

Chicken with beer is one of the greatest dish for connoisseurs especially drunkard. This delicious dish is cooked and developed till now with several recipes.

Steamed chicken beer ingredients

1 child hen

1 bottle of beer

2 onions

1 loaf of bread

½ tablespoon flour

Cooking oil


cilantro Salt



1 egg

How to make chicken brewing Step 1:

Chicken clean tight primary processing to edge 4 cm pieces.

Marinate the chicken with chopped onion, garlic, pepper, MSG in 30 minutes to infuse.

North pan on a stove for cooking oil in fried chicken chopped yellow onion peeled as 4.

Step 2: Processing

Place chicken in a pot and then prepared beer together 1 cup cooking water to cover the chicken tender.

Season with salt and pepper, to taste MSG.

½ cup flour mixed in water in a pot and stir well for chicken.

Add onion seeds cooked then smashing chicken cooked chicken into the water.

When the peach eggs off the stove.

Good luck.