8 Effective ways for alcohol antidote

After each game fun to dock with friends and colleagues or clients is when you are faced with negative feelings such as fatigue, tired body, dizziness, nausea, lightheadedness, stomach cramps bouts as if to serve all those in the belly out. 

So how to regain energy has been depleted by alcohol and the inherent sanity because you need to go back to living and working schedules normal tomorrow. Here are 8 quick solutions and most efficient wine to help you get back on track quickly.

Tips to avoid drunk

Please know your best choices, who know me know, drink enough, to avoid drinking too much, being drunk.
Knowing said no when necessary deftly avoid getting drunk.
Do not drink alcohol on an empty stomach, it is easy to make you more prone to motion sickness and stomach pain.

The fastest alcohol solutions

1. If you have nausea, vomiting try everything possible, not suppressed because vomiting is a natural reaction of the body to detoxify itself. Say is a state of alcohol intoxication.
2. Do not take anti-nausea drugs as contributing to keep the toxins in the body makes up liver activity promptly to filter toxins. Agent will overload reread liver damage leads to fibrosis and stale liver cancer.
3. To add energy to the body immediately with a bowl of porridge or soup after vomiting to replenish sodium and potassium lost body. This helps the body to reduce fatigue and stomach cramps less obtrusive.
4. Drink a large glass of water next morning, here’s how to help purify the body, toxins and replenish the body of water. As you already know alcohol makes you more hydrophilic was horrible. Therefore, after a drunken rampage upon awakening people always look to the first water.
5. Drink a smoothie. In the fruit juice contains more fructose effect the alcohol quickly. Especially banana smoothie blender honey generally better because bananas are additional sources of minerals and nutrients to the body very well besides fructose honey supplement for the body.
6. Breakfast remember tutoring coffee because the caffeine in coffee reduces the phenomenon of blood vessels in the head puffed out, causing headaches. This quality also makes the mind becomes conscious, lucid, suppress sleepiness.
7. A-ti-number contains a variety of very good wine help. Drink a cup of warm chocolate a-ti-heating help the body to sweat exuded your intestines and cause pain due to cramps.
8. The next morning you may still want to sleep grill. But let’s determination to rise up from the bed, walking around the house or around the few where you live. Such gentle agitation will help the body produce endorphins are natural analgesics buoyed body, dispel the feeling of fatigue.

With 8 alcohol solutions quickly and efficiently as above, hope you will apply well for yourself, avoid drunk to affect the lives, jobs. In addition you should also refer to this alcohol solutions to choose the most appropriate way for yourself offline.