Role of Beer in cooking

Have you known the use of beer in cooking?!Beer is not only a favorite beverage but also a fantastic spice.

Fried Dishes

Dishes which is used with fried flour; mixing beer and fried flour will be delicious than mixing with water. The gas from beer can make crispy layer, quickly turn to tasty color.

Steamed Dishes

The use of beer while steaming fish, shrimp, crab, oyster, or other seafood is to eliminate fishy smell and also create unforgettable smell. Please note that you shouldn’t  pour too much beer on surface; if then, meat, fish and seafood will be vapid. With pork ribs, pig’s trotters… you should season spice and stir-fry before steaming with beer.

Stewed Dishes

Using beer instead of broth or wine shall create different tasty flavor. But pay attention during cooking time, beer will be concentrated and more bitter; therefore, to avoid loosing signature taste and making dish bitter; do not pour beer too early. In case there are many elements, you should stew meat and wait until it becomes soft then use small pot to cook separately beer, carrots and onions. When vegetables are done; you mix all into pressure-cooker. Dish will be more tasty because beer absorbs into vegetables and not causing bitter flavor.

Grilled dishes

Use of beer is to make meat softer and is the great spice to aromatize meat for barbecue. You can aromatize lamb or beef with bitter beer, onions and peppers (do not use this sauce after used). Beer does not contain acid as wine so you can make it longer than usual. Beer also create browned-yellow color for meat and help dishes more eye-catching.


Beer also can be made as sauce instead of wine or broth for Italian dishes, cheese sauce…Pouring beer at last, keep small fire and quickly lift out of stove to keep strong and non-bitter taste