Vinaken always the first choice for domestic customers – it is a testimony to the high quality beer brand, the reputation built during the past 15 years as well as will continue to more development in the future.

Speaking of Vinaken, can’t help mentioning to BIGKEN – one of the brands that Vinaken has successfully brought to customers in the world, is the pride of Vinaken during the past.

With a large export market in the world, ready to face the huge competition of the famous beer brands. However, with a perfect beer flavor and consistent with the style of customers, eye catching design, Bigken has affirmed its position in major markets such as Malaysia, Nigeria, Congo …, with the quantity more 20-30 containers per month. This is the result of the effort that Vinaken has achieved throughout the learning process, understanding the needs of customers abroad.

Vinaken always set a bigger goal to constantly try, constantly learn, to bring Vietnam beer to the world. Therefore, we hope to receive more support and cooperation from our customers