Shrimps steamed in beer and citronella

Delicious steamed shrimp dishes from the table and then, there are many more types of processing such as coconut milk steamed shrimp, steamed shrimp with salt, lime leaf lemongrass steamed … Style which is also delicious and has a beer. Voi lemongrass steamed shrimps, the beer keeps fresh taste very own inherent shrimp.

The processing steps

– Shrimp also provide beard cut off without having to cut off as preliminary processing 1.2 do other dishes. To really drained and seasoned with 1 teaspoon salt and pepper
– Citronella washed, sliced
– For shrimp in lemon grass stalks, shrimp, stirring and pouring beer into 1/2. Set up stoves for boiling water and turn on medium heat cook for about 5-8 minutes, then cover cooked shrimp for 2 minutes more. You should not steamed shrimp will level the appetite.
– Lay the shrimp on disc, so beautifully decorated. Part beer steamed water you can take advantage of a very tasty drink also

– Spicy shrimp dot includes soup, pepper and lemon juice and mix well

Beer steamed shrimp disk magenta, hot, peeled shrimp shell and dot with salt and pepper was delicious. Because beer steamed should retain its own flavor of shrimp. This is the first fast food all the family meals because everyone liked her. 

Wish you make this dish decent success! ^^

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